mCable Gaming Edition Review

Okay, let’s get straight to the disappointing spoiler alert that mCable is not worth the money. Yeah, I am sorry to tell you that, but that is the case and here is my conclusion why this is the case.

Back in July I purchased myself a Playstation VR virtual headset. I had never tried virtual reality before and I have to admit that the experience will floor you in amazement, as it is that cool. You also have to try it to believe it, as there is no way of describing it to anyone. 😮

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Lenz Heat Sock 1.0 Review

Skiing is me and my wife’s favorite pastime and in winter we try to get in the slopes whenever the weather cooperates. Only extreme temperatures of below -20C (-4F) will hinder our enthusiasm and not always. Fortunately extremely cold weather is rare here on west coast, however -10C (14) is still quite common up on the local Vancouver mountains and in British Columbia’s Interior.

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Herman Miller Aeron Review

As an office worker and an active blogger I spend almost daily long periods of time sitting in front of my computer. But man was never made to be sitting all day, which is why there are times when one feels the pain from sitting for hours. Unfortunately there is no magic pill to solve this problem and frequent breaks and exercise are the only thing that will help ease the stress on your body. It is also essensial to have a proper and comfortable chair to be sitting on.

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Guide to visiting North Korean border (Panmunjom/JSA)

This blog post has originally been written in November 2010 in Finnish, but since the topic is very interesting and it is rather difficult to find detailed information about visiting the North Korean border online, I have translated my post in English in January 2016. Since rules and regulations for visiting the border change often (sometimes even weekly), it is highly encouraged to visit the official tour company websites for up-to-date information. This blog post intends to give the reader an idea what one sees at the border and share some of the bizarre stories around this last remaining frontier of the Cold War.

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Kimi Räikkönen of Berlin – Playseat Evolution review

I am sure everyone has long term dreams that one has been contemplating in his head for long time, but for one reason or another has never taken on. I have several of these dreams and finally last November I took one of them and after years of consideration, bought myself a bit more special seat.

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